Redditor Tell His Mom’s Boyfriend To Stop Trying To Parenting Him, And That Their Relationship Won’t Be Father-Son


Parenting is hard. It’s even more exhausting when you have to do this job alone. Some single moms indicate that they seemingly have superpowers because they are twice as strong, twice as resilient, and twice as caring compared to those who have partners. Moreover, sometimes, their daily life can become tasteless as they don’t have anyone to be friends or with whom they can share their feelings and difficulties.

In modern life, many of us accept our parents have their new partners after their relationship is broken or something like that, because we hope that our parents will be happier and that person can help, feel, and share our parents’ problems in daily life. However, not everyone likes that new partner. There are many different reasons for that. And the guy in this story below also doesn’t like his mom’s boyfriend. He shared his story on the r/AmItheAsshole subreddit to ask the online community whether or not he was wrong when he asked his mom’s boyfriend to stop trying to parent him.

Right after sharing the story on this group, the post had about 41.6k upvotes and received a lot of advice (about 4.4k comments), all of which said he was not a jerk. Scroll down to read the entire story to get why he did that. Also, don’t hesitate to share your opinion with us in the comments.


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The Redditor also add some edits:

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Here’s what other Redditors had to share after reading his story. All of them shared the same idea that the OP was not wrong.

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