Poor Cat Makes A Remarkable Recovery After Being Shot By Arrow


This is Sheila, the brave cat that will make you wonder how she ever survived being impaled by an arrow. We guess cats really do have 9 lives!

She was dropped off at the Granville County Animal Center in North Carolina where she was in urgent need of medical attention after being shot with an arrow.

With the help of social media, Shelia found her way to Hope For Life Rescue and is now on the road to full recovery. “All we know is we were tagged by so many people with her picture and her story and they were pleading for a rescue group to get her out of there,’ said Pauline Cushman with Hope For Life Rescue.


No one knows for sure what happened to the cat, but we’re so grateful for the medical attention given to her. Once Sheila makes her full recovery, she will start to find a forever home, where she will be loved and cared by wonderful owners.

Watch the incredible rescue and story below: