Please Don’t Come Into The Kitchen If You’re Like These Amateur Chefs


Every single person is skilled in at least one craft. On the contrary, there are some abilities that we are not supposed to master. If you’ve ever felt like you love doing something but it doesn’t seem to love you back, you’ll definitely connect to the individuals in these kitchen catastrophes.

People are posting photos of their hilarious accidents with their kitchens on social media. They made an extra effort and interest in the cooking but end up realizing they go the wrong way.

Have you ever become a stupid right in your kitchen? Let’s scroll down and try not to laugh so hard at these accidents!

#1 This was way cuter when I pictured it in my head

Source: howierid


#2 Dumpling from the hell’s gate

Source: unknown

#3 Turned my back for a minute and she peed in 20 cups of uncooked rice…

Source: TheLoxFox

#4 Here is my favorite picture of my grandma. She was having a hard time with the mixer.

Source: Bungalowbeast

#5 My crescent rolls came out looking like walruses that just can’t anymore

Source: chiquitamichi

#6 My wife likes to keep dog food beside coffee beans. Guess what I did at 5:30 am this morning?!

Source: Chaosbutters87

#7 My BFF just melted her favorite pot… I didn’t even know that was possible.

Source: hibellagrace

#8 Making brownies didn’t go as planned.

Source: 5555

#9 So we had pizza and tears for dinner. So much for that Shepherd’s pie

Source: MrsMolotov420

#10 You ever mess up burgers so bad that even your grill is surprised?

Source: Bloodycrab

#11 New style ribs…Introducing: Hell Done.

Source: DilligafDiva

#12 The way my pasta spilled

Source: Nvr2much

#13 Well, that sucks !!

Source: Clyde_Ju

#14 My sister tried making popcorn at work today… Didn’t go very well

Source: flooptyscoops

#15 You did best, my master chef!

Source: CrystalProtocol

#16 My wife worked for an hour on this peach crisp and burst into tears right before my parents showed up to our house

Source: kent_ankerous

#17 See those eggs? They are supposed to be in the pies. I made two hot oily chocolate garbage circles.

Source: themattcrumb

#18 Nightmare lamb cake

Source: boneskull

#19 My attempt at baking a brownie turned out like a before and after picture of meth addiction

Source: Pandyxx

#20 This pizza looks like Lava, lol

Source: 1115_clkura

#21 I’m an idiot and my wife won’t stop laughing at me.

Source: Shaneblaster

#22 I tried my grandmother’s donut recipe and I have to admit, it kinda stinks

Source: merrell0

#23 Finally made a good lattice crust then I went and knocked my cactus onto it.

Source: fabuji

#24 Accidentally baked a fly into my cookies.

Source: ComfyInDots