People Reveal Their Oddest And Most Hilarious Customer Encounters In This Thread


Humans, without a doubt, are the most bizarre creatures in the animal kingdom. The proof is in the many gross, unnecessary, contradictory and simply inexplicable things humans do. We can clearly see that when it comes to the customer service industry. Many entitled customers, more often than not, say and do dubious things that might make you wonder why their mind works the way it does.

When a Redditor asked, “What’s the most absurd thing you’ve had a guest do/say?”, the online community didn’t hesitate to share their funniest and most bizarre customer encounters. Of course, customers are kings. Whether they ask for the grass-fed fish or request the servers to do anything beyond their control, the servers still have to meet their demands. However, sometimes, what customers say or do are so hilarious that they make us burst out laughing. Here are 20 funny examples. Scroll down to enjoy.


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