People Are Sharing Examples Of Accidental Surrealism In This Online Group (20 Pics)


There’s accidental art…then there’s accidental surrealism. Surrealism is everywhere around us – every moment –  we just have to have got really good eyes to catch them. Shattered glass does not sound at all interesting; yet, it does, when you perceive it in a surrealistic, absurd manner.

That is, if one were to paint these pictures and put them in a museum, they would fit in with the rest perfectly. Here are 20 pics, or rather examples of accidental surrealism that people captured. Maybe they are not accidental, after all. Maybe it was God’s intention to have these moments and remind us that life is, once in a while, a miracle to gaze at.

#1 “Empire of light”

#2 “Shattered glass”


#3 “Reflective truck”

#4 “Kayaking”

#5 “Adventures of the wrong trousers”

#6 “Frozen ramen”

#7 “Stumbled upon a surreal spot”

#8 “Damn dude…”

#9 “This is the sun today in portugal, because of winds from the sahara desert that’s carried dust particles”

#10 “Cruising the sky”

#11 “Dali’s disco”

#12 “Transmutation feline”

#13 “The aftermath from a tornado that passed through mayfield kentucky – on display”

#14 “Window shadows”

#15 “How do i tilt the Earth back?”

#16 “Christ the protector” is being built in Southern Brazil and will be much taller (43m) than “christ the redeemer”.

#17 “Panorama glitch”

#18 “The whole world is an art”

#19 “Bad luck buffalo”

#20 “Peanuts for dinner”