Man’s Former Girlfriend Offers To Get Back Together If He Gets Rid Of His Cat


Making a choice can be tough, especially when you are faced with two important options at the same time and you have to choose one. You will consider thoroughly because you don’t want to make a wrong choice.

This exact situation happened to a user on Imgur voiceafx when his former girlfriend offered to get back together if he got rid of his cat, Hobbes. “[She] said that if we got back together, I’d have to get rid of my cat,” he wrote.

He and his ex-girlfriend still have feelings for each-other, but they have to split because of religious differences. However, when the man got the call from her, he knew he had a big decision to make. He had to give the choice between his ex and his cat.


Finally, he decided to choose his fluffy kitty Hobbes, and he defended his decision saying: “I’m 33 years-old, and Hobbes is the closest thing I have to a kid,” he said.

“I love my kitty cat, and I’m never ‘getting rid’ of him. I now have no desire to get back with my ex. End of story,” he concluded the post, which was titled, “Well, I guess this is goodbye, then.”

Good job, Hobbes’ Dad! We think you made the right choice. Don’t be sad because we make sure that a right cat-loving lady will come into your life soon enough.

If we may, we’d like to offer a little advice to the girlfriend: Love means believe, trust, understanding, caring, and sharing. For this reason, don’t ask the person you’re dating to get rid of his pet because the answer will almost always hurt you. Cat lovers know that relationships can come and go, but the bond between a human and their cat is forever.

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