Hohenzollern – Germany Love Lock Bridge


Tourists often know Italy – France as the best places for romantic things. If in Italy there is the Ponte Milvio bridge, in France there is the Pont des Arts bridge, and lovers in Germany are associated with the love padlock bridge at the Hohenzollern bridge.

The Hohenzollern is a bridge over the Rhine in the German city of Cologne and the most used railway bridge. The Rhine crosses it at km 688.5. Initially, the bridge was both a railway line and a street; however, it was demolished in 1945. The bridge was rebuilt quickly after the war and put into use in 1948. Today, it is a bridge that has the highest number of train traffic. The bridge is also a tourist attraction on clear days. The bridgehead furthest from Cologne Cathedral has the best views.

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This pedestrian and rail bridge connecting the station to the cathedral took 632 years to complete and is one of Germany’s most famous architectural monuments. Hohenzollern is considered an important part of the city, connecting the central station with other German cities in particular and Europe on the other side of the Rhine.

Since 2008, couples have started using padlocks and throwing keys into the Rhine. Initially, the bridge owner, Deutsch-Bahn, vehemently opposed this, but later approved because the Hohenzollern bridge has become an attraction of the city and Germany. Interestingly, couples come here and Hohenzollern holds many tourists to read the messages engraved on the locks about the love that couples have for each other with ink strokes or even carefully engraved names.

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Hohenzollern Bridge has become a meaningful and important place for couples to put their feelings into love locks. Today, not only couples but many close friends also choose the padlock as a symbol to show their love for each other.