Brave Dog Fights For His Life After Battling A Poisonous Snake To Protect Owner

Brave Dog Fights For His Life After Battling A Poisonous Snake To Protect Owner

What will you do after spotting a scary snake in your place? We believe most people that are not experts in reptiles will run away immediately and perhaps scream at the top of their lungs. Nonetheless, Chief, a brave, loyal dog, managed to fight his fear and save his owner in just an amount of time equal to a blink of an eye. Here is the whole situation.

Chief was playing tug-o-war with his owner in their backyard when he saw a rope-like creature crawling toward them. Instantly, the canine plunged into the man’s feet, growled, and snarled, which made them both fall to the ground. After calming himself down and sitting up, the man found a rattlesnake flinging in the pooch’s mouth and his dog was shaking in pain.

Immediately, the owner realized that Chief had beaten the snake lurking in the grass before it could attack anyone. Then, the dog’s nose swoll up, and there were other wounds on his front legs. Chief began to panic and avoided being touched. Therefore, his family drove him to the vet as the dog got weaker.

At the ER Vet, he was injected with available antivenom/antivenin. The family was grateful that the treatment worked and Chief’s condition didn’t worsen. The vial cost them $780. Fortunately, the dog didn’t need a second dose because his skull had blocked the snake’s fangs from sinking in and popping more venom. In addition to the poisonous bite on his nose, they found some more on his body, but they were dry. Of course, Chief had to stay at the vet before recovering and going home.

Many dogs fought dangerous animals to protect their owners, yet not all of these brave heroes could survive. Not only canines but several pets also sacrificed their lives for their owners’ safety. Hence, make sure your pets are vaccinated against snake venom in case you live in a high-risk area of poisonous serpents. Plus, remember the animals bitten should be proceeded to the vet within an hour to elevate their survival chances!

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