7 reasons why making love regularly is good for health

7 reasons why making love regularly is good for health

There have been many studies that prove making love everyday (or regularly) has very positive effects on health, morale and the body in general. 

We have found 7 good reasons to make love regularly. Therefore don’t deprive yourself, with correct protection and consent from your partner, go for it!

1. Less pain due to sex

Reaching an orgasim releases endorphines into our system. Not as effective as morphine , but very relieving, endorphines can decrease pain, menstrual for example for girls.

2. Increase fertility by frequent love making

The American scientific newspaper Fertility and Sterility has found that making love regularily, the womens immune system will prepare for a potential pregnancy.

3. Sex is a good form of medication

Researchers from Wikes University in Pennsylvania discovered that those who practice sex at least twice a week release antibodys, including the immunoglobulin antibody. The latter will help fight effectiveley against colds and flu. So if you start to have the signs of feeling unwell, you know what to do…

4. Look younger by making love

David Weeks, a researcher and psychologist, has conducted numerous research and studies on age and aging. Concerning sex and its effect on aging, a group had to guess the ages of 3500 men and women: this test showed that those who had sex at least 3 times a week appeared 7 to 12 years younger than their acual age.

5. Sex helps ruduce stress and blood pressure.

The American magazine New Scientist has discussed proven resulsts on the subject of regular sex. Firstly, couples who make love numerous time a week have a lower blood pressure, also, they cope better with stress. Sex reduces anxiety, how positive!

6. Sex makes us smarter

Numerous researchers at the University of Maryland and Konkuk University in Séoul have developed tests on rats and mice. Following sexual activity, the animals were more relaxed and thus released from stress and their brains were more effective, because their cognitive functions worked better. So if your struggling with a maths equation, call your partner!

7. A reduced risk of prostate cancer

For men, research conducted by the Harvard Medical School proved that regular love making reduced the risks of prostate cancer by 22%. More good news.