4 Sydney beaches to rival Bondi


If you’re headed to Australia, chances are you’re already dreaming of warm sands and aqua waves; the country is known for its beach culture and there really isn’t anything like a lazy day lounging on a Sydney beach. The tourist destination is the infamous Bondi Beach – but if you want a real Sydney experience, live like a local and see where the seriously cool folk hang out. These beaches showcase the best sand and sea of Sydney – from the laid back and cool to the hip and party-central; so look beyond the tourist trap and give them a try!

4. Coogee Beach

Coogee Beach

Similar to (and not far from!) Bondi beach, Coogee is a better choice to meet a mixture of locals and in-the-know travelers. The beach here is less crowded, the views are better and you’re less likely to be overcharged for drinks. The nightlife is typically Australian so bring a change of clothes and you’ll be able to party til dawn. To get to Coogee beach, take the subway to the Bondi junction and grab a bus from there.

3. Bronte Beach

Bronte Beach

After being voted the best suburb to live in out of the whole Sydney area, Bronte Beach is currently hugely popular, with good reason! There are plenty of surf opportunities, with most surf shops offering beginners lessons so take the opportunity to catch a wave. Public BBQ’s are also dotted about the beach, so take some burgers and make a day of it. Take the subway to the Bondi Junction and get a direct bus to Bronte beach.

2. Tamarama Beach

Tamarama Beach

Otherwise known as Glamourama, this beach is full of the most beautiful locals and hipster travelers. It’s close to Bondi beach and shares the awesome sand and surf, but has a much ‘cooler’ atmosphere and is well worth checking out – even if just for the people watching!


1. Manly Beach

#1 of Sydney Beaches To Rival Bondi

If you want beach activities, this is the place to go. Competitive volleyball tournaments run often, and whether you’re playing or watching it’s a great day out. The best way to get here is to take the very scenic Manly Ferry from Sydney Harbour, it takes around 30 minutes and offers great views the whole way through the 7 mile journey.

So if you’re looking for more than just the typical tourist trap, try one of the beaches above – but remember, Sydney is a beautiful city wherever you go, and whichever you choose – you probably won’t want to leave Sydney offers some great beaches, but try to avoid the tourist trap and avoid spending all your time on Bondi, venture further a field and you’ll see a seemingly endless supply of amazing beaches across Sydney. What a city…