24 Women Reveal Embarrassing Questions They Want To Ask Men


As the adage goes, “Men are from Mars, while women are from Venus.” While this is obviously a joke, it is based on real-life instances in which men and women are just not the same. On the other side, this is a good thing! How would life be different if we were all carbon copies of one another? Differences and diversity keep life exciting and unpredictable, turning it into a great adventure.

The same thing, on the other hand, can leave you completely bewildered about your male friends or significant other. What exactly is going on in their heads? That’s why we’ve arrived to assist. In any situation requiring communication, honesty is critical. If you have a question, don’t be afraid to ask it!

Women have revealed their secrets to men after they posed the most burning questions about females they’ve ever had. Men were asked to divulge the “questions you’ve always wanted to ask women but couldn’t because it would sound weird” in a Reddit thread, which received over 20,000 comments. Many males had questions about the menstrual cycle, such as what to do if they see a woman bleed through her pants in public and whether tampons are uncomfortable.

Others wanted to know the common behaviours men to do make them seem creepy or unattractive whereas there were more innocuous queries such as why women put so many pillows on their beds. One inquisitive man wanted to know a lot about periods asking: ‘How uncomfortable is it to wear a tampon? How do you know when you have to change it? Do you get some internal sensation that lets you know when it’s time to replace it? Do you time it? How do you know?’.


‘If you feel tampon after insertion something is wrong. Rest is trial and error but you can’t wear tampon longer than eight hours. Most my friends make that six or less to be safe,’ a woman answered.

‘You get used to the regularity of your period. There is a particular sensation when it’s getting close to the time you need to change it. Hard to describe but it becomes second nature after practicing. When it’s in properly, you don’t really feel it,’ a second wrote.

Another man was concerned about what to do if he notices a person with a blood stain on their pants or skirt and they seem ‘oblivious’ to it.

Guys (yes, this is a man’s opinion!) value candor and transparency. Indeed, we believe you’ll agree that we frequently request it (because you are also mysteries to us many times). However, we understand if you aren’t ready to ask yourself some moderately difficult questions just yet. So, here are the answers to 24 questions that females want to ask males. ‘Please inform her! It’s much better to have a friend, a stranger, or anyone tell you than to have no one tell you. ‘I’d be grateful if someone told me,’ a female user responded.

#1 “Do you use that opening in your boxers/briefs to pee, or do you just pull down the top of your boxers/briefs? That little opening just doesn’t seem that useful. Thank you in advance.” -sparkmatic

#2 “Someone probably already asked this, but is it hard/difficult to shave your balls?” -CatLikesPulms

#3 “Honestly, how thoroughly do you wipe your butt? What about cleaning it in the shower? And uhh unrelated, how open are you to the idea of prostate massages/any kind of sexual attention being paid to your asshole?

If you’re straight, do you ever include any of that in masturbation? would it feel weird/uncomfortable if a partner wanted to?” -addangel

#4 “Is being able to helicopter an innate skill or do you have to practice?” -EbenHSHD

#5 “You like cuddling after sex just as much as we do, don’t you? Don’t lie.” -swfbh234

#6 “Do you ever worry about what your friends think of the attractiveness of your girlfriend/wife? Like are you ever worried that people you know don’t find her good looking or judge you for being with her?” -MommaJ94

#7 “When you use the toilet, does your weenie just hang into the toilet? Do you rest it on the seat? Do you ever get poop splash on your ween?” -misternuggies

#8 “Does a woman’s height matter? What about weight? Is using urinals when they’re all full but there’s one left, is it awkward? Do you mind a little hair down there (even if it’s nicely trimmed and short)?” -oh_the_struggle

#9 “Do guys really appreciate a woman that makes the move? Whether you are newly dating or married for years? I want him to feel wanted by me and I want to convey that. Or do guys feel it could threaten them a little bit? I know it sounds weird and maybe old school but I have always wondered what the answer is.” -catsmom63

#10 “What are some of your thoughts on girls making the first move?” -Ranagios

#11 “Can you feel our boobs when we hug?” -onajourney314

#12 “Do y’all enjoy late night chats as much as girls do or it annoys y’all if it’s very often?” -spillbeanss

#13 “Is it true you really get random boners?” -kanyesbitch7889

#14 “What the f**k do you do with someone’s balls during sex?” -Apprehensive_Crew_93

#15 “How often do you really cry? What makes you cry?” -nerdcorner

#16 “Serious question men: does it/would it bother you if a girl had self harm scars? How far along in the relationship would you want to know about/see them?” -imscaledandicy

#17 “Are all boobies good boobies?” -odiumvibe

#18 “I’m with someone who buys me flowers to make me smile – what would be something I could do similarly for him that is nonsexual that would brighten his day?” -justfineand

#19 “Do men like it when females (friend/girlfriend) tell you they feel safe around you?” -2muddy2

#20 “Do pussies generally taste/smell appealing?” -Infinite-Furiosa

#21 “Does what our vaginas look like truly matter to you? Like girls having longer lips and such. I’ve always felt incredibly self conscious about guys going down on me even if guys have never mentioned it before.” -MamaMingyu

#22 “Is it true that guys generally hesitate or avoid going up to and talking women that are super attractive? I mean like a 9 or a 10/10? Is attractiveness/appearance something that makes you stall when “shooting your shot”?” -hoodfairyy

#23 “What does it feel like to run with no underwear on. Does it just flop around? Does it hurt? Does the bouncing get you hard?” -Jurazel

#24 “What does an erection feel like?” -fatherimustfeed