20 Times People Spotted Faces On Inanimate Objects, As Shared In This Online Community


Have you ever seen faces on inanimate objects? It’s very common to see faces in everyday objects as our human mind is programmed to do so. In fact, there is a term specifically coined for this phenomenon- “Face pareidolia”.

According to Merriam Webster dictionary, it is “the tendency to perceive a specific, often meaningful image in a random or ambiguous visual pattern” Recently, people from the bored Panda community shared some interesting images of this occurrence. Check out some of their best photos in the gallery below.

#1 Think I Gripped This From An Old BP Post. Not Mine, But My Fave: Screaming Sneakers

#2 Angry Flower


#3 Unamused Onion

#4 Happiest Slice Of Cucumber I Ever Saw

#5 Face In The Fire

#6 This Suitcase Looks Petrified

Image source: Melanie

#7 Happy Lil’ Bike

#8 This Muffin. Came Straight Out The Packet Giving Me A Sassy Face

#9 My Eggs One Morning ?

#10 Behold! The Majestic 3 Face Pickle

#11 Angry Lil’ Pepper

#12 Happy Milk Can

#13 Coffee Sometimes Enjoys Being Brewed

#14 An Alien Rock Taking A Dip By The Sea

#15 Every Year At The Auto Show, Honda Shows Off Their Alien Technology

#16 Baby Red Potato

#17 Shrek?

#18 Spilled A Whole Carton Of Salt In The Sink Afew Yeats Back… Happy Little Snowman

#19 My Space Heater Is Always Happy

#20 Wilson, The Coconut Pandemic Friend