20 Terrifying Pics That Trigger The Fear Of Deep Water Inside You


Humans are born in fear of many things. That’s a part of our survival mechanism. We’re scared of the dark because predators are probably lurking in there. We’re scared of gruesome things, animals, or plants because they are likely to be poisonous. Our fear keeps us alive by making us stay away from potential threats. Still, some of them are more like causing unnecessary problems and preventing us from enjoying our lives.

Thalassophobia, or the fear of deep water, is very real, and anyone who has it will do practically anything to stay away from the ocean. It’s not that they’re afraid of a small pond or any water body in general, what distresses them is the depth, vastness, and darkness. It’s a very persistent and intense fear. The uncertainty of whether there is anything behind those waves makes people feel unsettled. Do you feel like that? If not (yet), try looking at the photos below to test if you have thalassophobia.

#1 Kayaking with the giants!

Source: ilovenyc


#2 Grand Turks 700 ft drop

Source: NarcosdaMouraria

#3 Orcas in the waves

Source: Abesens

#4 This seaweed through the clear water

Source: appealing_orange

#5 It’s intimidatingly beautiful

Source: nigeldanson

#6 Is to me or are black tiled pools terrifying

Source: Desperate_Squirrel20

#7 Underwater waterfall

Source: bnasty1998

#8 British underwater photographer of the year winner 2022

Source: heresyourhardware

#9 “Uhhhh, there’s more than just kelp and angelfish down here, over”

Source: 1myuutsu4

#10 The Deadliest Stream in the World – it looks normal, but underneath it is full of caves of powerful fast-moving water that will drag you down. 100% Fatality rate

Source: ecarion104

#11 That’s fcking creepy

Source: kitkatbloo

#12 When your fear of flying and your fear of water meet each other

Source: philbilly86

#13 A Howling Abyss

Source: Equis4

#14 Deepwater swell

Source: rock-o3000

#15 An entire street submerged in the deep

Source: stefansfdsdfw

#16 Because all my friends say this photo of me freediving gives them the willies

Source: marinemik

#17 could that be the megalodon’s den?

Source: paulisnotmyname

#18 Underwater Path. Magical Zakynthos Caves, Greece

Source: kinkykat977

#19 The image that started it all

Source: wmszeligaSfghr4567

#20 An abandoned, flooded mineshaft

Source: KapnObesity