20 Funny Names People Called Various Objects When They Didn’t Remember What It Was Actually Called


Have you ever struggled with finding a word for a simple thing? It happens sometimes that you know what the thing is but suddenly the word representing that thing just becomes invisible in your mind dictionary.

When it happens, people usually try to remember the word or try to explain it with other sentences.  Some people even come up with new words that turn out to be hilarious sometimes.

Someone asked a question on r/AskReddit, “What’s the funniest name you’ve heard someone call an object when they couldn’t remember its actual name?” People shared some interesting and hilarious names for common things. Scroll below to read some of them.

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Image source: KhoasamaTimothy Dykes

“A polish exchange student was thirsty after a nightout and didn’t know what to say. He pointed to his mouth and said Sahara.”


Image source: whatisfishbeefEvan Kilgore

“I know a german who learned english in wales, its the most amazing cluster f**k of accents.
Anyway, a dog ran off with his gloves and he chased after it shouting, ‘come back with my hand shoes!’”


Image source: MushylumpIvan Botha

“Boyfriend’s mother once referred to a peacock as a disco chicken.”


Couldn’t remember groomsmen, went with dudesmaids instead.

Image source: SuperBrentendo64


Image source: fearlessnightlightsugarfrizz

“I once referred to a flyswatter as a “bug spatula” when the name escaped me.”


Image source: fatbabyotters_freestocks

“Breakfast soup. (The word he was looking for was cereal.)”


Image source: anonNathan Dumlao

“Yesterday, I forgot what the shade is, and it was really hot outside so I told my friend “lets chill at the dark place””


I couldn’t remember “oven mitt” so I called it “heat gauntlet.” I really like the word gauntlet.

Image source: anon


Image source: anonTuomas Puikkonen

“I forgot the word for ‘exterminator’ so I used ‘ant exorcist’ instead.”


Image source: HungryParr0tolfgang Hasselmann

“My friend couldn’t remember the word “cow” for some reason, so she googled “moo beast” to remember.”


Image source: starshock990James Yarema

“To this day most of my family refers to a strainer/colander as a “noodle stay, water go” because my older brother called it that once when he couldn’t find it and needed to ask where it was.”


Image source: MetalHead310Yvette de Wit’

“Back in 90s I was 14 and begging my mom to let me go to a Guns n Roses concert..

I kept nagging until she got frustrated but couldnt remember the band name and said:


I couldnt stop laughing.”


My ex called an animal shelter a ‘cat refugee camp’, I couldn’t f*****g breathe

Image source: Drivenhydra


Image source: jhrakrahmee bretana

“Couple weeks ago I was getting a pack of darts, needed some change for parking meters. As the girl is getting my change out I was panicked, what is it called? My mind blank all I could get out of my dumb maw was “can I have my change in metal money?”. In my 30s and the word coin apparently got replaced by some dumb s**t I likely read here.”


Image source: EduardLaserNorman Tsui

“Christmas Llama instead of reindeer.”


“My boyfriend thought it was clever when I asked what the right word was for “an angry parade”.

….a protest.”

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Image source: KnerdianMario015 Medeiros

“I once had to listen to my mother tell a 10 minute story about all the honkers she saw at the park.

Geese. She meant geese.”


“At Target, I asked for “a can of bug-murder”. I forgot “insecticide” or even “bug spray”. The dude took it in stride, didn’t flinch.”

Image source: Pepsistopheles


Image source: Shell058Cassidy James Blaede

“My mom referred to Guitar Hero as “Carpet Banjo” one time. Me and my friends still call it that.”


Image source: mowachooJames Barr

“Couldn’t remember the word Athlete so I went with Sportician.”