20 Fan Appreciation Posts That Prove Why Abby Is Turning Red’s Best Side Character


Pixar’s latest movie, Turning Red is already getting a lot of praise for its animation, plot, music, and more. Since its release, Turning Red has received much love from millions of fans around the world. And now we still see a lot of fervor surrounding this Pixar movie. So, it can be seen that the influence of this film is undeniable.

The film follows the story of Chinese-Canadian teenager Mei Lee, who can transform into a giant red panda whenever she is under emotional duress. In addition to the interesting details revolving around Mei, the film is also a lesson in sisterhood and solidarity. Mei’s friends, Abby, Priya, and Miriam, have major roles in the film and are certainly not classified as supporting characters. They are an important force in inspiring Mei to embrace herself, and as a result, they appear a lot in the film.

In Mei’s best friend group, it’s hard to miss Abby Park, a 13-year-old Korean-Canadian girl. Currently, not much is known about Abby, other than that she is a cheerful, loving teenager who is always enthusiastic about supporting her friends. She can also be quite aggressive, as she confidently punches Mei when she requests it.

A lot of people are sharing some interesting posts about Abby on social media. And most of them appreciate this character. Scroll down for more details!


#1 Abby is clearly the favorite of viewers.


#2 Every time she was on screen, I couldn’t stop laughing.


#3 Her expressions were the best part.


#4 Her popularity on the internet has skyrocketed.


#5 Abby is so cute and relatable.


#6 Abby is an adorable little ticking bomb.


#7 Abby is the moment!


#8 It can be seen that she is a fan of boba tea.


#9 I agree wholeheartedly.


#10 When I first saw Abby, I immediately thought of Candy and Grenda from Gravity Falls.


#11 We all wish for that.


#12 I think it was some litter someone dropped on the floor.


#13 She’s like an evil short funny mischievous girl.


#14 Such obsession with Abby.


#15 Abby’s entire emotional range.


#16 No hesitation, that’s how I know she’s a real friend.


#17 A compilation of Abby’s most energetic moments.


#18 And she rolls in style.


#19 Abby’s ahead of her time!


#20 I’m hoping for a spin-off with Abby as the main character.