19 Interesting Facts About ‘Inside Out’ That Prove It’s One Of The Best Pixar Movies


It’s been 7 years since Pixar’s Inside Out was released but it is still catching our attention. It has all of the heart and soul that Pixar fans have come to expect, but it happens in a whole new environment with a fresh cast of characters that moviegoers fell in love with right away.

The movie told the story of Riley, an 11-year-old kid, and the five emotions living inside her: energetic and optimistic Joy; shaky Fear, which ensures Riley’s safety; raging Anger, which wants everything to be fair; picky Disgust, which helps Riley avoid being poisoned by strange food; and Sadness, who is all over the place. Riley’s family has relocated to San Francisco, and her emotions help her through the difficult and unfamiliar transition.

The film is considered one of the best Pixar films because it contains many messages. Not only does it remind you of what it’s like to be a kid, but it also teaches adults some meaningful lessons. However, it is the hidden details and easter eggs that make the movie more popular. And here are the best fun facts from Pixar’s Inside Out!

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#1 All of the emotions are based on certain things

Disgust is shaped like a broccoli head. Anger is like a brick, fear resembles a thin nerve, joy resembles a star, and sadness looks like the personification of a teardrop.

#2 There are originally six emotions: the current five, plus “Surprise.”

#3 When Riley has a nightmare, the film plays the theme music from Disneyland’s Haunted Mansion attraction.

#4 When Anger is in charge of the console, it becomes red.

#5 Finding Nemo is found in Imagination Land

#6 The globe in Riley’s classroom can be seen in Toy Story.

#7 Riley’s console grows in size as he gets older.

#8 The newspapers Anger reads reflect the plot – details of Riley’s day

#9 In a cut scene, Joy swims down into the world of “unconsciousness”

#10 The bubbly texture of the characters’ skin cost a lot of money to animate and it even posed a risk to their budget

#11 Joy was originally associated with Fear rather than Sadness.

“But we veered off course from that in the long run,” Docter said in an interview. “We realized that wasn’t really saying what we were trying to talk about, with the laws of childhood and the pain of growing up. That was a real pivotal moment of redoing the story, pairing Joy with Sadness.”

#12 Why didn’t Joy just use the same pneumatic tube that the forgetters used to send up the Tripledent gum jingle to resurrect the core memories?

In an interview with Rope of Silicon, director Pete Docter addresses this: “We discussed that on the way and it was one of those things where we kind of boxed ourselves in a corner a little bit. We added the recall thing later, when they were doing the song that got stuck in her head. Our argument was that Joy wouldn’t trust the memories would be fine on her own, she needed to be up there too.”

#13 Joy’s aura is yellow, but she also has a blue tint to it, showing her acceptance of Sadness.

#14 This girl wears a shirt similar to Sid’s (Toy Story.)

#15 When Riley is upset, the camera shakes a little.

#16 Riley’s San Francisco address is 21 Royal St., which is also the name of a restaurant in Disneyland.

#17 Flea from the Red Hot Chili Peppers voiced Mind Worker Cop Jake.

#18 When recording the line “Take her to the moon for me,” Richard King, the voice of Bing Bong, actually cried.

#19 The film was created by 45 animators. This group is half the size of previous Pixar film teams.