17 Incredible Details From Iron Man’s Suit Collected By Fans


There’s a reason why so many Marvel fans refuse to leave the theater until the credits have rolled. Each film contains so many hidden elements and Easter eggs that catching them all on the first viewing is impossible. The audience spends a few moments inside Iron Man’s helmet, which reveals a lot of valuable information about the various Mark suits.

Tony Stark’s technology is equally as impressive on the inside as it is on the outside, thanks to Jarvis and Friday’s assistance. Look through the gallery below and vote for the most intriguing elements that fans discovered within Iron Man’s costume.

1. Tony’s Breakthrough

Source: Marvel Studio

From Redditor u/Spartan152:


“In Iron Man (2008), a news clipping highlights Tony’s accomplishment in designing AI robotic arms that are responsive to the personalities around them, and can shape their personalities based on how they’re treated. This sets up why Tony makes fun his AI and why they are so personable.”

2. Jarvis Always Is Ahead

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From Redditor u/InteriorEmotion:

“In Marvel’s The Avengers, after Hawkeye says “They can’t bank worth a d*mn, find a tight corner,” Jarvis immediately plots a route around a corner on Tony’s helmet display.”

3. Stark’s Reactor Is Amazing

Source: Marvel Studio

From Redditor u/rishinator:

“In Iron Man 2, Stark criticizes the design of Vanko’s Arc Reacter, he says Hz are a little low and it’s not very efficient. You can see that when he analyzes Vanko’s reacter that the energy output is 1.81 GJ/sec whereas the reacter Tony developed in a cave with a bunch of scraps could output 5 GJ/s.”

4. Friday Personified

Source: Marvel Studio

From Redditor u/TheRavenSG-1:

“In Avenger: Age of Ultron (2015) you can see Fridays AI face when Tony is uploading her in to his suit.”

5. Gestures Congenially

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6. KP Mode Can Be Instantly Turned On

Source: Marvel Studio

From Redditor u/Aplixaty:

“I love how Tony’s HUD changes in The Avengers; going from a sort of “standby mode” to a “hostile mode.”

7. Softened When Landing

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From Redditor u/PMaT26oo:

“In Avengers: Endgame (2019), Tony Starks suit retracts from the feet first while entering Stark Tower in order to land more quietly.”

8. He Updated After Handling Whiplash

Source: Marvel Studio

From Redditor u/leoluques:

“In Avengers, Iron Man’s suit got charged up to 400% capacity after Thor strikes him with lightning because Tony probably updated his suit after his encounter with Whiplash in Iron Man 2.”

9. Instantly Maps Illustrates Ant-Man’s Location

Source: Marvel Studio

From Redditor u/Shobster:

“In Avengers: Endgame, Scott Lang mentions the van with the quantum tunnel, Tony’s HUD map of the battlefield is updated with a red blip of the location of the van.”

10. The Briefcase Suit

Source: Marvel Studio

From Redditor u/i_have_no_ygrittes:

“As cool as the nanosuit was, Tony’s briefcase suit is still my all-time favorite.”

Redditor u/IamSherlock1 added:

“In Iron Man 2 you can see the schematics for the suitcase suit, sixteen minutes before Tony actually wears it.”

11. Mark 85 Vs. Mark 7

Source: Marvel Studio

From Redditor u/IronManConnoisseur:

“In Avengers: Endgame, Tony Stark’s fall off Stark Tower parallels his fall in Marvel’s The Avengers, including the Mark 85 and Mark 7 suit-ups, respectively. The nanotech Mark 85 suit-up is more nonchalant and roughly 3x faster than the Mark 7, emphasizing how advanced his technology has become.”

12. Early Suit Safety Features

Source: Marvel Studio

From Redditor u/KaizenGamer:

“In Iron Man (2008) when Tony first flies with the suit, there’s a small spark as he exits the garage from hitting the wall. His HUD alerts him with a red indicator warning before he hits.”

13. It Can See Through Cap’s Shield

Source: Marvel Studio

From Redditor u/iwasALegend:

“In Captain America: Civil War (2016), Tony’s HUD can see Steve through his shield.”

14. Faster Than Sound

Source: Marvel Studio

From Redditor u/autobotjazzin:

“Iron Man (2008) The Mark II’s UI shows the speed in Mach. This is because the suit is capable of reaching speeds faster than sound, which is at Mach I. This is evident later in the film when the suit breaks the sound barrier while in flight to the Middle East.”

15. Shows Tony’s Left Arm Injury

Source: Marvel Studio

From Redditor u/Rumy85:

“Incredible attention to detail: Iron Man’s HUD Interface showing his left arm is damaged in Avengers.”

16. Quick Creation With Nanotech

Source: Marvel Studio

From Redditor u/Giants1030:

“In Avengers: Infinity War, If you look at the bottom left corner you can see what Iron Man is going to create with his nano technology before he creates it.”

17. Only Stark Could Make It Work

Source: Marvel Studio

From Redditor u/aloofloofah:

“Iron Man’s Mark I power sequence is firmware downloader for Lego Mindstorms RCX controller.”