15+ Pictures of Doggos Smiling That’ll Make You Smile Back

15+ Pictures of Doggos Smiling That’ll Make You Smile Back

It can never be stressed enough, but let’s just stress on this fact again: Doggos are the best living beings on this planet. Don’t argue, don’t debate, just accept this fact humbly. Not just because they are too cute with their forever wagging tails and hanging tongues, but also because they love us more than we can love ourselves.

That is why when you scroll down and see these smiling dogs, take it as a sign to stay happy all the time. All the doggos and puppers all over the world want you to smile! The real challenge is staying grumpy while looking at these precious little goofballs. Don’t even try, ’cause you’ll fail.

#1. This Corgi Has Mastered the “Welcome Home” Smile

#2. When Being with Your Hooman is All You Wish For

#3. Cold, Cold! Go Away! Poodles are Enjoying their Day!

#4. When You’re About to Sleep and She Gives You a “Good Night Kiss”

#5. Doggo Shows You the Basics of a Wide Toothy Grin

#6. The Pup is Having a Good Time at the Party

#7. Morning Selfies Be Like

#8. Sleeping is Happiness, and this Pupper is the Happiest!

#9. Poser Pup Knows Her Best Angles

#10. This is How a Cloud Looks When it Smiles

#11. We Take a Break Here to Show You a Smiling Reindeer

#12. You Know Who to Call to Retrieve Some Happiness For You

#13. When they Wake You Up for a Photo But You’re Naturally Photogenic

#14. Christmas is Lit, and this Doggo is Excited

#15. This Smiling Pup Wants Belly Rubs

#16. Smol But Happy, For He Knows He is Loved!

#17. The Husky says “Hi!”

#18. He Heard You Say “Treats,” and It’s the Best Moment of His Life

#19. Birthday Boy Spreading Birthday Joy

#20. Petting Always Makes Him Happy

What kind of life would we have without these beautiful creatures? They are God’s best gift to humanity. Therefore, treasure your doggo and your pupper! Keep giving them treats and keep them happy. In return, they will make you the happiest person on earth!