15 Iconic Movie Outfits That You May Recognize In A Split Second


When fashion and film collide, magic happens. Fashion is vital to making characters stand out and it reveals the personalities of the characters. Therefore, it’s hard to imagine them wearing their non-iconic outfits. Whether it’s Marilyn Monroe’s blowing dress from a subway vent in “Seven Year Itch” or Julia Roberts’ gorgeous red dress in “Pretty Woman”, these outfits become iconic.

Many of them became fashionable garments for everyday use. Some have sparked international manhunts, some become the inspiration for costume designers. Below are 15 iconic movie outfits that have stayed in our memories to this day.

#1 Bruce Lee’s yellow suit

Source: © Kill Bill / Miramax© Game of Death / Orange Sky Golden Harvest\


Bruce Lee is the most iconic martial artist in cinematic history. The outfit he wore in Game of Death, the yellow tracksuit is likely the most memorable image in the movie. Though the movie itself was never finished, the jumpsuit has lived on. It also inspired Uma Thurman’s costume in “Kill Bill Volume 1”.

#2 The Blues Brothers’ outfit

Source: The Blues Brothers

The Blues Brothers is a 1980 American musical comedy film, starring John Belushi as “Joliet” Jake Blues and Dan Aykroyd as his brother, Elwood. In the movie, the two characters were known for their super simple get-up. They wear black suits and white, long-sleeved button-down shirts with skinny black ties.

#3 A Clockwork Orange’s suspender pants

Source: A Clockwork Orange

A Droog costume is a great idea that can be worn during the Halloween festival. Alex Delarge, known as Droog in “A Clockwork Orange” is a thrill-seeking psychopath. He is known for his all-white outfit and unique eye makeup. He wears a black derby hat and black boots.

#4 The Flashdance sweatshirt

Source: Flashdance

The sweatshirt is one of the typical costumes in the 1980s. A sweatshirt conjures up the iconic image of Jennifer Beals in “Flashdance” where a young working-class woman pursues her dream of being a professional dancer.

#5 John Travolta’s white suit in Saturday Night Fever

Source: Saturday Night Fever

“Saturday Night Fever” is a 1977 dance drama film directed by John Badham. John Travolta portraying Tony Manero wore the white suit in the dance scene and his suit became one of the most instantly recognizable film costumes in history.

#6 The Ghostbusters costume

Source: Saturday Night Fever

Bill Murray, Dan Aykroyd, and Harold Ramis starred in the movie “Ghostbuster” – one of the great successes of the 1980s. In the movie, Ghostbusters wore proton packs, which they use to capture ghosts. The director Paul Feig tweeted out a picture of what seemed to be the Ghostbusters uniforms and proton packs.

#7 Top Gun’s jacket

Source: Top Gun

Top Gun is one of the most famous Hollywood movies where Tom Cruise played the leading role. Our favorite hero put on a leather jacket in one scene and it became one of the most memorable scene in the movie.

#8 Humphrey Bogart’s trench coat and hat from Casablanca

Source: Casablanca

Humphrey Bogart embodied the cynical café owner Rick who struggle to decide whether or not to help his former lover and her fugitive husband escape the Nazis. In the movie, every outfit worn by this character is an example of classic elegance. He wore a fitted trench coat, useful to stay warm and dry on a rainy day. He also put on a hat and a tie to add a mysterious touch to the viewer’s look.

#9 Marlon Brando’s tank from A Streetcar Named Desire

Source: A Streetcar Named Desire

Marlon Brando was in the role of Stanley Kowalski in the 1951 film “A Streetcar Named Desire”. He was seen wearing a ripped white tank shirt in a display of sensitive masculinity.

#10 Marilyn Monroe’s white dress in The Seven Year Itch

Source: The Seven Year Itch

Marilyn Monroe wore a white dress in the 1955 movie “The Seven Year Itch”. The dress was created by costume designer William Travilla and was worn in one of the best-known scenes in the movie. The image of Monroe in a gorgeous white dress standing on a subway grate has become one of the most iconic images of the 20th century.

#11 Brad Pitt’s leather jacket from Fight Club

Source: Fight Club

A retro leather jacket in the “Fight Club” worn by Brad Pitt started a trending outfit for men in 1999. Brad Pitt’s character was a symbol of leadership sensuality, audacity, and rebellion so it’s challenging for costume designers to choose the right outfit.

#12 Susan Sarandon’s handkerchief and sunglasses from Thelma and Louise

Source: Thelma and Louise

“Thelma and Louise” is a 1991 American female buddy road crime directed by Ridley Scott. It starred Geena Davis as Thelma and Susan Sarandon as Louise, two friends who embark on a road trip. The image of Louise putting on a scarf and glasses stuck in viewers’ minds and became an iconic image.

#13 Princess Leia’s dress from Star Wars: Episode IV — A New Hope

Source: Star Wars: Episode IV – A New Hope

If you’re a fan of Star Wars, you might remember the image of Princess Leia in a white gown. This dress is flimsy and simple with a high collar. There is no embroidery or pleating or embellishment of any kind. The fabric doesn’t even look particularly rich onscreen.

#14 The Joker’s purple suit from Batman: The Dark Knight

Source: The Dark Knight

Heath Ledger was in the role of Joker in “The Dark Night” which helped him earn a posthumous Oscar in the Best Supporting Actor category. The character was always attached to the bright color purple, sometimes accented with green and orange. This deep shade showcases his dark hair, chalk-white skin, and the red of his permanent grin.

#15 Nastassja Kinski’s dress from Paris, Texas

Source: Paris, Texas

The film “Paris, Texas” was directed by Wim Wenders and it starred Nastassja Kinski as Jane, the young mother working at a sex club. In the movie, she often appeared in a hot pink angora mini dress with a sultry low cut back.