15 Coincidences People Weren’t Expecting


Coincidences are mind-blowing if you ever encounter one. They just want to make me scream out with joy and tell everybody about them. Here are 15 coincidences we have put together with a little help of the editors at Aubtu that people were not expecting at all to happen (câu nhiều ý nhưng thiếu liên kết). But they did. And at that particular moment, it seems for a brief second like we are in the Matrix now, somehow. God has arranged them to happen the way they did for the viewing pleasure of the readers of this website.

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“I found a sneaker print in concrete that matched the shoe I was wearing.”


“The letters in these signs that went out coincide with the letters that did not.”


“This TV uses the same picture as the puzzle I’m about to buy.”


“By complete coincidence, the trees along this street matched the colors of the buildings.”


“I found some candles at work today that matched my nails.”


“These cupcake papers match my sister.”


“My girlfriend’s socks perfectly matched the floor today.”


“I lost my hat about a month ago. I found this homeless man who found it. What a coincidence.”


“The color of my wife’s shoes matches this bag of chips.”


“Discovered this old chocolate box in my attic, just so happens that the best before date is actually my 3rd birthday (20/03/92).”


“My parents went to an art shop on their vacation and saw a drawing that looks like me.”


“My cup color perfectly matches the color of sunset.”


“When the sheets match your dog”


“I work in a kitchen and everyone says I look like the guy from Ratatouille. Every minute.”


“This random car matched the color of my nails.”