13 Darkest Fans Hypotheses About MCU That Make You Open-Mouthed


You would not think the MCU could be any darker than the end of Infinity War, but fans have some suggestions that rival Thanos’ snap. Some of them have to do with the Avengers’ past, such as the belief that Black Widow committed crimes against humanity in Budapest. Others depict bleak portraits of heroes like Doctor Strange and The Falcon, who may have collaborated with the enemy from the beginning. There’s even a hypothesis that Nick Fury is constantly in grief over the death of his “pet.”

To have more possible fans’ theories about the MCU, scroll down and read the 13 darkest fans’ hypotheses about the MCU that make you open-mouthed. We’re glad to hear your thoughts and see your opinions.

1. Doctor Strange Knew Tony Had To Sacrifice Himself

Source: Marvel Studio

From Redditor /u/Quilled:


“In Doctor Strange, his solo film, he becomes upset when he realizes that he killed one of Kaecilius’ men. He “became a doctor to save lives, not take them” (I might be paraphrasing).

So, what future would Doctor Strange want? A man who took an oath to save lives as a doctor, then another by guarding our realm against mystical beings? The one where the most amount of lives is saved.

That future was the one where Tony sacrifices his life. Strange himself is saddened by that fact, which is why his tone towards Tony changes after seeing all those futures. He knows that he has to sacrifice Tony to save the universe. Even if it’s just one life, that is one too many. But, “it was the only way”.

There were other futures, but they involved too much death.”

2. Black Widow Did Terrible Things In Budapest

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From Redditor /u/hootanahalf:

“Clue 1: In the first Avengers movie, Black Widow aka Natasha Romanov says, “It’s like Budapest all over again!” Hawkeye aka Clint Barton replies: “You and I remember Budapest very differently.”

Hypothesis 1: Is it because they were on opposing sides in Budapest?

Clue 2: In Avengers: Endgame, on Vormir, Natasha says: “I don’t judge people on their worst mistakes.” Clint replies: “Maybe you should.” Natasha quips back: “You didn’t.”

Hypothesis 2: Is it possible that Natasha, given that she originated from the Soviet bloc, did something very bad in Budapest before she was converted in her views and joined Hawkeye and his side? Is Budapest the “worst mistake” she is referring to?

Small addition: As they head to Vormir, Hawkeye says: “We’re a long way from Budapest.”

3. Hydra Penetrates The United Nations

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From Redditor /u/Lol-Guru:

“S.H.I.E.L.D. was crippled by the events of Winter Soldier but Hydra had other bases of operations and other agents globally; they thrive on a decentralized network. While the Avenger were trying to deal with Ultron I think Hydra was just gathering intelligence and finding ways to control the situation without engaging head to head (after getting savaged in their confrontation at the beginning of Age of Ultron).

Hydra infiltrated the United Nations and made the Sokovia accords to control or divide the Avengers.”

4. Hulk Met Black Widow In The Soul World

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From Redditor /u/Crispworthy:

Think about it….. we’ve only seen the soul stone used a couple of times;

Thanos wiping out half the universe… and as soon as he does that, he has a moment in the soul world with the one he loves (Gamora: “did you do it?” etc).

When the Hulk used it to bring everyone back.

When Iron Man used it to get rid of Thanos and his army. We then see in a ‘deleted scene’ that Tony has a conversation in the soul world with his loved one (his daughter, all grown up).

SO….. going back to number two, doesn’t it make sense that Hulk got to meet his loved one in the soul world after he used the stones? Especially when we consider that he told Cap (at least I think it was Cap) that he tried to bring her back. How does he know he didn’t!? Everyone appeared exactly where they were when they were dusted, maybe she came back to life there! But no, hulk KNOWS she didn’t… how could he KNOW??

Did Dr. Strange go to Vormir and see if she was bopping around?? It’s possible, but did he chat to Hulk about it? It’s a stretch… also, consider that Thanos meets Gamora in the soul world; because her soul may be living there now due to the sacrifice. The same could be said for Nat? Maybe even Tony’s daughter actually; but that’s probably a whole other fan theory about what she might get up to later in her life!”

5. Peter Parker’s Parents Passed Away In The 9/11 Attacks

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From Redditor /u/myckount:

“So, I recently watched Spider-Man: Homecoming for the third time, and I started noticing some things:

At the beginning, when Happy asks Peter if this is the first time he’s been on a private jet, Peter responds, “this is the first time I’ve been on ANY plane.”

Peter’s first interaction with the Vulture is when the latter catches the former by surprise and dragging him up through the air, which terrifies Peter immensely.

In D.C., when trying to save his classmates, Peter stops cold once he’s at the top of the Washington Monument. When Karen asks why, Peter says “I’ve never been this high before,” implying this version of Spider-Man has a fear of heights.

The climax of the movie involves Spider-Man both clawing his way out of demolished building debris caused by an enemy aeriel combatant as well as stopping a plane from crashing into the New York skyline.

MCU movies post-Avengers tend to take place in the year they are released. While Homecoming’s “8 years” line threw a wrench in things, Infinity War confirmed that the time span between Avengers 1 and Avengers 3 has been 6 years, 2012-2018.

Homecoming confirms that Spider-Man is 15 years old.

If Civil War takes place in it’s release year, 2016, Homecoming takes place two months after Civil War, and Peter is 15 years old, that means Peter Parker was born in 2001.

My theory is that shortly after Peter Parker was born, his parents died during 9/11. Once he got old enough, Uncle Ben told him about the event, which caused Peter to develop a fear of heights that did not go away when he first became Spider-Man.”

6. Cap Suicides In ‘The Winter Soldier’

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From Redditor /u/LOG4NLUCKY:

“In TWS he is clearly suffering from depression, he can’t deal with the new world and the immorality of it, he lost his friends, his love and because of it he feels lonely. After learning about HYDRA and Bucky he feels everything he has done before is meaningless and his beliefs are shattered by the truth, I think the reason why he wore that WW2 suit and made himself more vaulnerable wasn’t just to remind Bucky of who he really is.

I think he wanted to get himself killed while trying to save the world. It would’ve been an ideal ending for him. He saw a good sucessor in Sam Wilson and he knew that Sam would carry his mantle.”

7. Bruce Banner’s Changed His Appearance After Trying Suicide

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From Redditor /u/ReeceInTheDarkness:

“In a deleted scene from The Incredible Hulk, Bruce tries to commit suicide by shooting himself in the head by putting the gun in his mouth. This obviously does not work because as he put it in The Avengers, the other guy spit the bullet out.

My theory is such, when he fired the gun in his mouth, it caused trauma to his face and broke bones before the Hulk could take over and thwart the attempt. His bones healed as they were while the change was happening, changing his face, making him go from Ed Norton to Mark Ruffalo.”

8. Nick Fury Is In A Steady State Of Mourning

Source: Marvel Studio

From Redditor /u/schoolobyhueue:

“Captain Marvel takes place in 1995. It is then that Fury encounters Goose. The next time we see Fury in that famous Iron Man post-credit scene, which takes place in 2008. He is clad in all black, and is noticeably cat-less during his exchange with Tony.

Now, some quick googling tells me that the average lifespan of a cat is about 13-17 years. Goose appears to be fully grown, so she could obviously be any age, but cats are fully grown within about a year, so she could conceivably be as young as 1 year old in 1995.

Given the average cat lifespan, she would be nearing her expiration date around 2008. Given the adoration he demonstrated for the cat, it wouldn’t be too outlandish to assume Fury would keep her as a pet throughout the next 13 years.

In Captain America: Winter Soldier, Fury says the last time he trusted someone, he lost an eye. With the death of Goose comes death of trust. He is unable to open his heart to anybody again. He is trapped in a perpetual state of grief, as he is unable to move on from the tragedy, and that is demonstrated through his wardrobe.

I know, Goose is a flerken, not a cat. While possessing the physical characteristics of a cat, however, she may also possess its mortal characteristics as well, since aging is essentially a cellular (i.e. physical) process.”

9. Dr. Strange Attempts To Kill Hulk Several Times

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From Redditor /u/Arc_the_lad:

“The Theory: Dr. Strange sent The Hulk to Sakaar which was the first of his four attempts at getting rid of The Hulk.



The Hulk is too dangerous to ignore. Strange keeps a list of dangerous beings from other worlds per Ragnarok. It’s not a stretch to believe he also keeps a list of dangerous humans on earth which would include Bruce Banner who as both a giant green rage monster and co-creator of Ultron is probably right at the top of it.

Dr. Strange answers to no one. Even as a student at Kamar-Taj, Strange never did what he was told. He was told not to use portals in the library, he did any way. He complains to the Ancient One about being told to “blindly accept rules that make no sense.”

After which she introduces him to the Mirror Dimension where he can do whatever he wants because what happens there doesn’t affect reality. When he picks up the Time Stone to use it for the first time, does he take it to the Mirror Dimension? Nope. He’ll play with time whenever and wherever he wants to dag-nabbit because the rules just don’t apply to Strange.

After he becomes the Sorcerer Supreme, he’s the top dog. Right and wrong are whatever he says they are now, so any action he wants to take can be justified, including preemptive strikes.”

10. Nothing Is Real In The MCU Due To Dr. Strange’s Magic

Source: Marvel Studio

From Redditor /u/Arc_the_lad:

“The Theory: We don’t know what’s really happened in the real MCU because we haven’t been part of the prime MCU timeline since The Avengers.

By botching the Time Heist and allowing Loki to escape with the Space Stone, Iron Man rewrote the future so that option #14,600,005 cannot occur, so Dr. Strange traveled back in time to make sure it did happen because option #14,600,005 is a paradoxical alternate timeline where he reigns unchallenged and supreme.”

11. Wanda Unintentionally Awakens Arnim Zola

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From Redditor /u/TheOrdinaryCritic:

“TL;DR Wanda tried using Arnim Zola’s mind transfer tech to save Vision, but it went horribly wrong and she inadvertently resurrects Zola and creates Westview.

Here’s the setup:

After the events of Endgame, Wanda starts looking for ways to bring Vision back to life. In the Avengers files she discovers that Hydra leader Arnim Zola was able to transfer his living mind into a computer. Seeing this technology as an opportunity to either bring Vision back, or for Wanda to digitize her mind to be with Vision, she travels to New Jersey to look for any remnants of Zola’s computers.

Wanda finds backups of Zola’s mind in an abandoned bunker in New Jersey and begins tinkering with the software, unknowingly resurrecting Zola in the process.

The newly resurrected Zola quickly starts to control Wanda’s mind using the same techniques used to brainwash Bucky. Though Wanda’s mind is far more complex and begins to fracture, creating the Westview pocket dimension.

Inside Westview, Arnim is posing as Ralph; Agnes’s husband. He stays hidden because he knows if he gets too close to Wanda she will notice him.

Arnim’s main goal is to upload his mind to Vision’s body.”

12. Loki Works With Thanos

Source: Marvel Studio

From Redditor /u/Engineering_123:

“Thanos, being intrigued, used his scepter to make Loki more irrational to control him and offer him more information. He must have learned about Nidavellir and probably they’re the ones who made the stone holding guantlet from Loki. Loki’s a bit less subtle due to the scepter and promptly wants to squash his big brother’s things i.e earth.

He finds out about the tesseract tells Thanos about it and Loki talks about how if he was given the scepter and a small army he can in a show of good faith cull half the population of earth and bring him another infinity stone if he help him with Asgard and simultaneously give him something to become a god with so he can stop people from ever being hungry by killing half the people in the entire f*cking universe.

So in essence Tony Stark dying in Endgame is Loki’s fault.”