10+ High-Paid Celebrity Bodyguard You Don’t Want To Mess With

10+ High-Paid Celebrity Bodyguard You Don’t Want To Mess With

The way of life in Hollywood gives off an enviable impression since actors in Hollywood have access to luxury that the common person can only dream of having. The list of material luxuries obtained by being wealthy is virtually endless.

However, any famous person will tell you that being famous comes with a lot of pressure and responsibility. When they are out in public, celebrities have to contend with swarms of photographers, the eyes of the public glued to their every move, and other issues in addition to the glitz and glamour that comes with being a celebrity.

1. Jennifer Aniston

The former NBC star is routinely approached by fans and media, with some interactions escalating. It’s no surprise that Aniston spends over $240,000 a year on security fees, given how frequently she gets harassed by fans. To protect herself from the hordes of paparazzi, Aniston reportedly recruited Hollywood heavy hitter Sheldon.

2. David and Victoria Beckham

Security is a major worry because they are worth a combined billion dollars. It’s no surprise that the Beckhams spend a lot of money on bodyguards, given that Becks is a famous athlete and Posh is a famous fashion designer and former pop singer.

3. Jennifer Lopez

If you’re as renowned as Jennifer Lopez, you can forget about leading a normal life. Her expensive bodyguard team, which costs her $500,000 a year, is paid for by her and her husband, Alex Rodrigues, who is worth $1 million.

4. Floyd Mayweather

The members of Mayweather’s security detail, dubbed “The Money Team,” must meet a long list of criteria. He values the dedication of his bodyguards and rewards them generously for their service. Mayweather’s estimated protection costs are a mere $750,000, which is peanuts for a celebrity of his caliber. Mayweather’s bodyguards also get extras like Rolex watches and Mercedes Benz automobiles, so it’s a pretty fantastic gig all around.

5. Britney Spears

The Price of a Bodyguard Is $600,000 Per Year

The paparazzi have put Britney Spears through hell. Spears was the focus of a growing media fad in the early 2000s, and paparazzi constantly surrounded her. Because of this, she had to spend a lot of money on security guards and endure a lot of personal difficulties.

6. Rihanna

Protective Services, $500,000 Per Year You know who Rihanna is, even if you don’t like her songs. This is the level of fame that RiRi now enjoys. It’s not hard to see why Rihanna has amassed one of the most devoted fan bases in the world. RiRi has made millions from both her music and her clothes and cosmetics company, Fenty. While a true celebrity, Rihanna needs a team of bodyguards to ensure her safety as she travels from one location to another without being hampered by her many devoted followers.

7. Beyoncé

For $2–$4 Million Per Year, You Get A Bodyguard No one should have to be introduced to Queen Bey. Beyoncé, as one of the most popular female singers of the ’00s, is a household name all over the world thanks to her 22 number-one hits. It’s no surprise that Beyoncé would spend millions to ensure the protection of herself and her family, given her A-list notoriety and that of her husband, Jay-Z.

8. Jason Momoa

After his role as Aquaman in DC’s film franchise, Momoa became one of Hollywood’s biggest names, and his security was a top concern due to the hordes of fans who sought to see him in public. At an estimated $125,000 per year, Momoa’s security team is a significant portion of his fortune dedicated to keeping the public and the press at bay.

9. Lady Gaga

Over the years, Van Der Veen has catered to many famous faces, proving his expertise. Lady Gaga always has bodyguards with her because she knows her fans and the media might get wild. As it befits someone of her notoriety, she shells out close to $125,000 annually on security.

10. Justin Bieber

Thanks to the efforts of his bodyguards, Bieber is rarely seen in public. Michael Arana, who gets along well with the pop artist, has been in charge of his security for several years now. It has been estimated that Bieber pays close to $1,000,000 year in bodyguard services.

11. Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian’s security requirements are on the line with any other A-list celebrity, given her estimated $1 billion fortune. For Kim and her four children, the cost of security has risen to an astounding $7 million a year. The Kardashians keep a close eye out for Kim since some of her admirers can get violent when they see her.

12. Selena Gomez

Selena was invited to his wedding to demonstrate how close a bond she and her bodyguard enjoy. She made a touching speech praising their friendship and the wedding. Gomez spends a whopping $500,000 annually on security.